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      We are the OzarkMerchants.com TEAM.  We've been online for over 16 years now and have gained over 400,000 unique visitors browsing our website each year searching for businesses, information and planning trips to the area.  We are Top Ranked in the Search Engines for Ozark craft fairs, antiques, Eureka Springs and more.  In fact, we are found by over 1000 search strings according to our server stats. Our pages are viewed by tens of thousands of visitors each month.  Given that there are about 187 million active, domain-based websites in the world, Ozark Merchants has been ranked by its traffic activity in the top 2% of all websites.

     People are using the Internet more and more each year to find what they are looking for ... and with high gasoline prices, they are not 'driving around' nearly as much.  The Internet has come of age and both customers and businesses are depending on an effective web presence to connect!  How products and services are located has changed ... many 'brick and mortar' shops have folded over the last few years.  An online presence is essential in this age of 'smart phones' and search engines; no one plans a trip or even leaves home without scouring the web for information!  We offer reasonable online options to businesses who need a solid, time-tested web solution.

     We build basic 'text' listings for businesses for free to give our visitors 'Name and Address' for thousands of businesses.  We offer Members Area ADs on most of our pages. Examples include our Front Page, Branson Attractions, Eureka Springs, Craft Fairs and the 'Great Ozark Destinations' information and photo gallery pages. Prices include our building of the AD and hosting it for a year.  You may elect to build the AD yourself or send photos, graphics and suggestions. A quick tour through OzarkMerchants.com will show you examples of our ADs.  Our prices start with a simple LINK AD at $30 per half year; see our Directory Listing and AD options here.

     In the Search Categories of 'Ozark craft fairs,' 'Ozark antiques,' 'Eureka Springs antiques,' 'Blanchard Springs Caverns,' 'Ozark Real Estate Agency,' 'Ozark RV Camping,' we are ranked at the top of or on Page One!  Try it yourself; these rankings say more than our stat graphs and figures can convey.  We are highly ranked in hundreds of other Ozark-related searches.  Our web community presence, with its high traffic stats and its strong search ranking, means that we are being used by people planning their trips to our area and by those who live in our area and are looking for a specific product, service or business.  And once they find Ozark Merchants, our visitors tend to spend some time viewing our informative directories and 'Great Ozark Destination' photo galleries.

     In addition, for the businesses we promote, we offer a very important service.  Ozark Merchants allows YOU  to gain customers / bookings / reservations / sales DIRECTLY and not have to go through a 'Branson World' or a 'TripAdvisor' to get booked or even noticed!  Businesses take a cut with those 'resell' and 'repackage' websites -- we never take a commission.  A low, flat rate Advertisement with several options gets the job done:  your AD with your business information, your photos and links, top positioning on a page your potential customers are viewing.  Our website visitors have DIRECT access to your business!

See You Online!,

The Ozark Merchants Team
  info '@' ozarkmerchants.com
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Your Free Listing:

Business Name
101 Towne Street, Billboard, Ozarks

Your $30/half year Bold Listing:

Business Name
202 Downtown Street, Billboard, Ozarks

Your $60/Half Year LINKED Bold Listing:

Business Name
303 Center Avenue, Billboard, Ozarks
Call:  303-555-1212

YOUR $130/Half Year AD with GRAPHIC:

    · Anglers  White  River  Resort
     Junction Hwys 5-9-14           MapQuest
     Call 800-794-2226             AREA MAP
     Restaurant, Lodging, Trout Dock, Rentals
     COORDS:  N35° 56.3'   W92° 7.0'
        North of Mountain View, Stone County Arkansas

View of White River from Anglers Dining Area

$10 - Extra LINK FOR ANY AD


$10 - GPS Coordinates FOR ANY AD

YOUR $180/Half Year AD with GRAPHICs

· The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa
     75 Prospect Ave, Eureka Springs, AR 72632

     "Make Lifetime Memories"
~~ CALL: 800-903-4940
The Historic 1886 Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs Arkansas Crescent Hotel Crescent Hotel Reservations, General Info Crescent Hotel Spa Package New Moon Crescent Hotel Photo Gallery

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